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PERICO PASTOR was born in La Seu d’Urgell in 1953. After spending several years in Barcelona studying for a degree with no connection whatsoever to art, and which he never finished because he spent all his time drawing, he left for New York in 1976. He spent the next thirteen years leading an enjoyable, carefree bohemian life supported by his work as an illustrator for the New York Times and other publications. This allowed him to keep on doing his own thing –and, over time, enough art dealers showed an interest in his own thing to allow him to make a living from it, without ever abandoning illustration.

In 1980 Perico Pastor had his first exhibition, at the Cornelia Street Café in New York, and in 1983 he showed in a gallery for the first time –at Estampa, in Madrid. Since then, he has combined illustration with painting, showing in Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Sag Harbor, Miami, Beijing, and Lleida.

He has been living in Barcelona since 1989, devoting himself fully to painting, illustration for newspapers (El País, International Herald Tribune, El Periódico, La Vanguardia) and publishers (Amigos, El Pequeño Cuento, La Bíblia, Llibre de les Bèsties), and a variety of other projects.

Perico Pastor is married, has four sons, and loves to row and ski, read, and listen to music. His cooking is acceptable.

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